обращение к русскоязычным посетителям
по поводу копирайтов см. тут


I tried to contact all the artists whose images are placed here. Most of them answered, and granted permission to use their art. Here is the list of several people I failed to reach. Of them, art of 8 persons is presented on the site currently. If you could help me to get in touch with them, I'd be most grateful, and your name will be in the Acknowledgements. I still display their art though - hope it wouldn't do any serious harm. If you are one of them - please write me ASAP. I'll remove your art instantly, if you'd wish so.

Last note: this is my first project, which concerns other people rights in any way. I do try to act legally, as far as I comprehend the matters. If you think something is wrong, please notify me first.


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