What is here to see for
International Visitors?

Currently, three pages of artists are fully in English.

Here are other pages and texts in English, or fully bilingual:
[ catalog of artists ] [ catalog of characters ] [ news ] [ planning to add ] [ english guestbook ] [ copyrights ] [ sources and acknowledgements ] [ banners ]

[ News ]: all important info is in English - new additions and such. I'm not always repeating everything in Russian, especially English names: Russian visitors are able to read them :). But there is some ammount of additional general bla-bla-bla in Russian. Believe me, you won't regret about missing it :).

You also may browse [ Profiles ] - it is an annotated list of all the artists of the site. Annotations are in Russian, but names and emails are original, and links are bilingual.

You may try to navigate through the Russian pages too: all menu links have English subtitles, and thumbnails have tooltips: hold the cursor over it, and you'll see the name. When you get to the page of a desired character or artist, you would be able to browse it further by thumbnails. Pages have English titles at the top bar of the window of your browser.

If you see errors in English (and there must be lots of them :), please be so kind to write

Wish you a good trip!

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