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Helena Zeegers

Helena's contact info
and brief summary in Russian

Helena's site at geocities
There are more than a hundred (maybe hundreds) of WoT-pictures, with significant progress over several years. They are well organized by countries and other groups.
There were no updates for quite awhile, and it seems a wonder the site still exists - unlike so many of its contemporaries at geocities.

fragment of 
'Saldaean couple'
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Tigraine Tigraine. You may compare her with Rand at Grinwells' farm and see the likeness. IMHO, it suffices to explain the suspicions among Andoran nobles.
Shaiel "Driven by faith" (Tigraine in the Aiel Waste). Aiel whisper in the background: "Wetlanders are weird... Sheesh!"
Grinwell Rand and Else Grinwell (115k)
"Whenever he looked in her direction, she smiled at him in a way that would have her father loosing the dogs on them if he saw."
of the Night "Daughter of the Night, she walks again.
Her new lover she seeks..."
dip Skinny dip. "You cannot escape me. I will make you enjoy this so you never forget, asleep or awake."
The Dragon
Reborn The Dragon Reborn. By the horse's color and harness, it is after the conquest of Cairhien, but before the journey in the chest.
and Min Rand and Min (124k)
"Friends comfort one another at times like that."

Main Heroes

those who
came in TR
those who came
in the Two Rivers
those who
left TR
and those who left
'Love' -
Perrin + Faile Love scene N1
Perrin and Faile
Love scene N2
Lan and Nynaeve
'Love' -
Lan + Nyn
experience Peekaboo. Mat is just about to learn - the hard way - some fundamental Do and Do Nots about women...
Strange encounter (with Elyas). Perrin eats heartily the rabbit while Egwene looks askance at the wolves.
with wolves "Rumor has it you talk with wolves.."
(probably it is just a generic wolfbrother, rather than Perrin.)
lonely "So lonely..." (131k) Egwene's tete-a-tete with depression in the damane kennels in Falme.
hour Visiting hour. Min tries to amuse Egwene and juggles ore cubes - the damane's reward for her success in identification of metals. Naturally, Egwene is not amused...
    Elayne Elayne and her aristocratic tongue Lan Lan hunts for Trollocs Nana Nana - a vamp in the red dress

Aes Sedai and Warders

Nynaeve &
Moiraine Nynaeve and Moiraine Siuan
& Bela "High above".
Siuan climbs mighty Bela.
Sheriam Sheriam. Saldaean eyes, but not the temper :).

Leane Leane. Domani style in garb and behavior :).

Birgitte Birgitte - kinda Warder ;). Under a shot of oosquai, or just in a good mood. Maerion Maerion - a dyed Birgitte, happily preparing to practice archery on a live target.
marry all
your warders "Marry all your Warders" - Myrelle and her husbands (131k)
Enjoy various sounds around the tent :).

Helena is definitely fond of Saldaeans, and depicts them
perfectly. There are even more of them at her site.

a Saldaean
couple a Saldaean couple. I have counted six daggers in plain sight - and you may boldly double this quantity, as they are shown half face. (And don't forget to add those under their clothes ;).
Tenobia Queen Tenobia. No daggers seen, but still she has something to stab with: her eyes.

Shienaran &
Saldaean a Shienaran and a Saldaean (131k). Heavy horse and light horse - both cavalry have some advantages and disadvantages. One of advantages of the latter is the opportunity to grin at the opponent, who is sweating in his steel bucket.
rests a Saldaean rests Saldaean 
charges a Saldaean charges
War in
Saldaea I War in Saldaea I - war as a family affair. (111k) War in
Saldaea II War in Saldaea II - a family affair is sadly ended.
Falcon And here are the two Saldaeans who play major roles: Falcon, aka Faile, aka Zarine Bashere. A girl from a good Saldaean family, in the line to inherit throne. Mazrim
Taim Mazrim Taim - from an unknown family, but here are
the typical eyes and nose!
(to be politically correct: he is either a Saldaean, or can easily pass for one ;).

armed armed unarmed unarmed siswai'aman dragon-charmed
Aviendha Aviendha Gaul's 
POV Gaul's POV
on Perrin.
and Chiad Gaul, Bain,
and Chiad
Couladin Couladin. This Maiden obviously feels at ease with this mighty Car'a'carn, just as her sisters with another one.


Thom Thom Merrilin - a handsome man. It is easy to believe that Morgase fell in love with him more than 20 years ago, as well as to believe his present success with women. Thom must be about 45 (probably a coeval of Moiraine and Lan) - and Helena's picture shows this rather well. He is often depicted as aged (because of his completely white hair) - which is wrong, imho.
Lord Darlin &
Lady Caraline High Lord Darlin Sisnera and Lady Caraline Damodred (104k). A perfect portrait of Cairhein female - I imagine Moiraine this way. They are indeed close relatives and look much alike: "Min gasped... For a moment, she was sure it was Moiraine."
Cauthon Bode Cauthon. "His sisters had always been ready to run shouting "Mama, Mat's in trouble again, Mat's doing what he shouldn't, Mama." Especially Bode." Would make a fine Aes Sedai, who always knows firmly what everybody should and shouldn't do ;).
Gawyn &
Galad Gawyn and Galad. The queen had two sons - the best and the better... Berelain Berelain. She peeps into a sort of a round gateway. Looks like one of Perrin's visions: a hole in the dark sky.
Thera "Thera! Poses of the Swan!" (adults only ;) Aram Aram. A contrast between a jolly Tinker's shirt, and a too serious face of a swordsman.
Trolloc Trolloc. He is so smug, after a nice dinner maybe. blessed by
the Light Blessed by the Light (120k)
Poor Children fell preys to a ta'veren passing by.

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Images © Helena Zeegers, used with permission. Cordial thanks to Karl-Johan Noren, who helped to contact her. "The Wheel of Time" series © Robert Jordan. The page translated by Freddy. Design and maintaining by Belka and Freddy.

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